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  • For who is this Masterclass?

    We want to help entrepreneurs go from Phase II: Entering the market to Phase III: Scale and beyond.

    Not sure which phase your start-up is in?
    Don't worry, have a look at our poster to detect which phase you are in!

    We prefer entrepreneurs who met the following criteria:
    - Start-up exists somewhere between 1 - 3 years
    - Have customers who pay for their product or service

    Why do we have these criteria?

    Because entrepreneurs who met these criteria will receive the most value out of our Masterclass. Our experts already went through these phases or have a lot of expertise about them.

  • Once I apply, what are the next steps in my journey?

    Start-up Survivor journey

    To become a true Start-up Survivor, you first need to apply for a seat in our Masterclass.

    Once the applications are closed at September 14th, we select fifty entrepreneurs who will get the most value out of this Masterclass.

    After you applied, got selected and met us in an intake interview, it's time for you to meet your fellow entrepreneurs and our experts at our Kick-off event in Ghent. This excellent networking event certainly sets the mood for the interesting weeks that awaits you.

    Once you head back home, you will have private access to our online videos and live Q&A webinars for the next 12 weeks. From the moment you log in, a thoroughly selection of experts will give their all to provide you new insights and answers you were looking for to grow your business.

    After 12 weeks of learning you will be invited for our Graduation event on December 20th. The mesmerizing setting and the warm feeling of being surrounded by like-minded people will make sure you will never forget the journey you traveled as a true Start-up Survivor.

    Lastly, we want to hear from you how we met your expectations in a quick outtake interview and what your next action points are.

  • What are the subjects that I will learn in the online videos?

    Every two weeks a new module will be published to our community. You have about one week to send us your questions about the topic, thereafter we will have a live Q&A webinar where the expert will discuss all the answers.

    Module 1: Set-up a founding team (by Sam Sluismans on October 3rd)
    Lesson 1: Founder arrangements
    Lesson 2: Issues in founder relations

    Module 2: From idea to Problem-Solution fit (by Sven De Cleyn on October 18th)
    Lesson 1: Lean start-up methodology
    Lesson 2: Creating a product that customers really want
    Lesson 3: Understanding your customer
    Lesson 4: Providing value for your customer

    Module 3: Reach Product-Market fit (By Omar Mohout on November 1st)
    Lesson 1: What is Product-Market fit and how do I reach it?
    Lesson 2: Optimize your pricing
    Lesson 3: Set-up an advisory board

    Module 4: Expand your team (by Katrien De Vos on November 8th)
    Lesson 1: Hiring your first employee
    Lesson 2: Build the right culture
    Lesson 3: Reward your employees

    Module 5: Growth strategies (by David Dessers on November 22th)
    Lesson 1: From start-up to scale-up
    Lesson 2: Building corporate partnerships

    Module 6: Raise money (by Nathalie De Ceulaer on December 6th)
    Lesson 1: Prepare your company for fundraising
    Lesson 2: The search for the right investor
    Lesson 3: Convince the investor
    Lesson 4: Clean up to close the deal
    Lesson 5: You've raised money, now what?

  • When does the Masterclass start?

    October 3rd - December 20th

    Once you got selected, we invite you to our Kick-off event, where you will meet your fellow entrepreneurs, on October 3rd at 6 PM at a mystery location in Ghent. Then, you will start your online learning journey, where our experts give their all to provide you insights and answers, until December 10th.

    Lastly, we come together with the community and meet the experts in person, at our Graduation event on December 20th.

  • Who are the experts?

  • Is there an admission fee?

    Yes, there is an admission fee of 999 euros. You only pay this admission fee once you are accepted into the program. If you invite your co-founder you both will receive a 20 percent discount.

  • Do I need to pay right away?

    No, you only pay once you are accepted into the program.

  • Can my co-founder also join?

    Yes, once you applied you will get the chance to invite your co-founder with a discount code. This dicount code gives you both 20 percent of the price of 999 euros, bringing it down to 799 euros each.

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