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Scale-up Masterclass Announcement

After the first successful edition of the Start-up Masterclass, we noticed something. A lot of entrepreneurs and executives of fast-growing startups experience the same kind of difficult growing pains. That's why we decided to help them navigate their journey, by organising a Scale-up Masterclass! Because we believe in learning from those who have experience with the journey ahead, will save you valuable time and will let you focus on what matters the most: growing your business.

Getting from the Idea to Implementing the Right Solution: Key Takeaways for entrepreneurs

Sven De Cleyn is an entrepreneur and business expert with many years of experience at imec. His work has covered all aspects of business operations and both practical and theoretical experience. He is a specialist in innovation management and technology transfer, and regularly coaches new entrepreneurs on building products that customers love to buy. We had him come by the Start-up Masterclass recently. If you missed it, here are the key lessons from his talk!

What our Entrepreneurs got out of the Start-up Masterclass

The cohort of entrepreneurs who began the Start-up Masterclass back in september, have made a lot of progress, growing from green starters to seasoned entrepreneurs, learning a lot along the way. Last week, they graduated, and all the experts and mentors who had helped them along the way were there to watch it happen. Everyone was so proud. But what did they learn through the process? We sat down with Maarten Van De Vondel of Bloovi Careers and Michiel Van Meervenne to get their assessment.

Everything you need to know for the Kickoff to the Start-up Masterclass

Not too long ago, we made our selections of several outstanding, passionate entrepreneurs for the Start-up Masterclass. The program was kicked off with a great networking and introduction event in Ghent. What did these enthusiastic startup founders hope to get out of the program? And what were they going to do with the knowledge and connections they would make here? To understand them better, we sat down with two of them at the kickoff event. Let’s see what they had to say!

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