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An Exclusive Community

Start-Up Masterclass is all about bringing together a community of promising entrepreneurial talent. To ensure the best possible experience and quality of the courses, only fifty entrepreneurs will be allowed to take part. These entrepreneurs will be selected by our experts and contacted by phone.

Insights, events & quality content

The classes give you access to topnotch online content, videos, the Start-up Survival Workbook, live Q&A’s with industry experts, and a community of like-minded individuals. You will receive an invitation to two exclusive events where you will meet the other selected entrepreneurs and get the chance to expand your network with tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Connecting you with answers

Start-up Masterclass connects you with the right people. Experts who can give you quality feedback and real answers to questions you have right now and questions that can arise in your future.

Meet our experts

Katrien Devos

Captain at HRbuilders

Katrien Devos is one of the most passionate people when it comes to HR. Being an entrepreneur herself, she specialises in how you can hire the right people for the right job.

Katrien shares her experience with you about how to build a culture, interview and hire your first employees in Module 4: Expand your team.

David Dessers

Managing Partner at Cresco

David Dessers is an experienced business lawyer with a strong focus on the technology sector. He spends a lot of his time assisting entrepreneurs and companies with their fundraising activities.

David takes you on a learning journey on how to grow from a start-up to scale-up and build corporate partnerships, in Module 5: Growth strategies.

Nathalie De Ceulaer

CFO at Fortino Capital

Nathalie De Ceulaer is more than a CFO. She is also an advisor and coach. She specialises in helping companies with their investor readiness.

Nathalie guides you in preparing yourself for a meeting with an investor and how to convince him to invest in your start-up, in Module 6: Raising money.

Sam Sluismans

Partner at Deloitte

Sam Sluismans focuses on embedding innovation into the DNA of companies. He is an expert in managing growth and go-to-market strategies

Sam gives you more insights on the importance of your co-founding team and how to make good agreements, in Module 1: Set-up a founding team.

Sven De Cleyn

Program Manager at imec.istart

Sven De Cleyn combines practical and theoretical experiences. He is a specialist in entrepreneurship, innovation management and technology transfer.

Sven provides you his insights about building a product that your customers love to buy, in Module 2: From idea to Problem-Solution fit.

Omar Mohout

Entrepreneurship Fellow at Sirris

Omar Mohout is a well-known technology entrepreneur and an expert author on technology in business. He is an adviser to many fast-growing and Fortune-500 companies.

Omar learns you about different pricing strategies and how you can surround yourself with the right experts, in Module 3: Reach Product-Market fit.


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